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For La Farge, a historical season in more ways than one

New coach Kevin Alderson is a 1970 La Farge graduate

LA FARGE, Wis. (WKBT) - 24251700

The La Farge boys basketball team is 10-0 in the Ridge and Valley. They're ranked No. 5 in the state. They're on the verge of winning the school's first conference title since 1989. They have a shot at making their first-ever appearance in the state tournament.

"I do understand how special this season is and one of our slogans is we want to make history with our season," said first-year head coach Kevin Alderson.

There's no one better to help make history than Alderson. The 1970 La Farge grad lives and breathes it.

"I never really imagined I'd be sitting here coaching," he said.

Alderson coached at Cashton for 22 years and retired ten years ago. He was a history teacher. That's his true passion, and it's what he's done for the last decade.

"Well I'm a little bit diversified, I guess I would say for sure."

In the summer months, Kevin and his wife Patsy run the Ottervale General Store.

"That was his great, great aunt and uncles place, so we just moved it up the road here and placed it here," Patsy said.

They edited a book on the Civil War.

"It was quite the project and it was something we set aside for retirement," Kevin said.

They wrote a book called Barns without Corners.

"Vernon County has the most round barns than any place in the nation," Kevin pointed out.

They even do Amish tours.

"Yeah, we do that too," Kevin joked.

"Yeah, it's really interesting," said Tanner Heisel, a La Farge senior. "I don't know how many books he's written, but he really enjoys it."

"I was intending to work on another book this winter and that's on hold now until we complete this mission," said Kevin.

This winter, Kevin is helping the La Farge boys basketball team write their own chapter. As they look toward what this season could be, there's an appreciation for the past.

"I think it's just important to know your local history and the pioneers that first settled this area were referred to as Kickapoogins, because we grew up on the Kickapoo River here. I think it's just important to develop a sense of identity of who you are based on what's evolved before you."

These Wildcats could evolve into a team people in La Farge will be talking about for generations to come.

"We all understand what we're doing and where we're at," Heisel said.

"We would like to make some of our own history," Kevin said. "So far so good, but there's a lot more things we'd like to accomplish."

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