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More Than Making Postseason

BANGOR, Wis. - Bangor entered last season not finishing any worse than second in the Scenic Bluffs conference over the past five seasons. Although the Cardinals found a way into the playoffs with a 3-4 record, it was a disappointing outcome for a program used to contending for conference crowns.

"I think last year we kind of expected to get where we are and this year we need to work for it and I think we can get there," said junior Andrew Piske.

"Last year just wasn't up for us. I mean we weren't really together as a team. We had good talent but this year I think we have more coming back this year," added junior Kellen Kravic.

Injuries also were a reason for Bangor's fall in the standings.

"We've got to try and stay healthy because that was a little bit of a problem last year. Our defense should be our main focus because we're always going to put up points," said junior Seth Szabel.

15th year head coach Rick Mullenberg is set to improve a defensive unit that allowed an average of 23-points per game in 2013.

"Defensively we didn't quite live up to what we thought we were capable of last year. And as coaches we take responsibility for that. It wasn't the kids we had out there so that's why we changed some things scheme wise again coming into this year."

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