Good pitching can usually take you pretty far, and Spring Grove/Caledonia has just that.

In the MSHSL softball playoffs, Samantha Bratland pitched a perfect game Monday, followed by a no-hitter Wednesday.

"On the mound, I'm feeling really good. I'm having confidence in my defense behind me and that's what matters," she said.

"We're super fortunate. Sam's an awesome pitcher and she works really hard at it, which is really great. She loves softball, she plays it as much as she can and she works really hard at it. The girls, as well as myself count on her to give us any advantage that we can from the circle," said S-G/Caledonia Softball Coach Michelle Anderson.

S-G/Caledonia faces Winona Cotter Friday in St. Charles.

"On Friday, we've gotta have offense," Bratland said. "If we don't have offense, we're not gonna win."

That hasn't been an issue. They scored 34 runs Monday night.