Just days before the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament kicks off, anglers spent time meeting with community members and sharing their strategies and expertise.

About ten of the pros were out at Gander Mountain in Onalaska Sunday. People stopping by could get an autograph, ask for fishing advice, or just take some time to hear first-hand what life is like for the pros.

Angler Dean Rojas says La Crosse is a perfect stop for the tournament because it caters to every competitor.

"La Crosse is a great place for the competition because for one there is  lot of fish there's an abundance of fish and two you can catch them with so many different techniques a lot of anglers are strong fishing shallow or fishing ledges different types of lures so it's really going to play out well for the whole group this week," Rojas said.  

The event also serves as some quality Father's Day bonding time.

One La Crescent father and son at the event say they started following the Bassmaster series closely after the tournament made its first stop in La Crosse last year.

They say it's great to see how willing the anglers are to engage with the community and share some advice.

"I learn new techniques what bait to use and where to fish an stuff," said Bryce Weymiller. "Yeah, especially talking with these guys, they're always ready to let you know what they know about the river and catching fish," said Todd Weymiller.

There are 100 anglers competing in the Bassmaster Elite Series. The tournament starts on Thursday. For more information, visit www.bassmaster.com.