Bangor seniors end career in Madison

Bangor seniors' end career in Madison

BANGOR, WI - Moments after Friday's playoff victory, the Bangor seniors were already planning their next hang out.
"We're really close.  We went out and had breakfast the next morning.  Talk about the game.  We are a great bunch of guys," Senior Caleb Miedema said.

It's not uncommon for the 13 seniors to always be together.  Even at a young age, they knew there was something special about their group.

"Goes all the way back to elementary school.  Playing basketball with the boys.  We were all just great athletes growing up," Miedema said.

"Higher levels of middle school, we started hitting the weights, it really translated into high school," Senior Theo Muellenberg said.

How about this on the field, 50 wins, 4 straight Scenic Bluffs conference championships, and a state title in 2015.  

"I knew we had that potential.  That we could, we had great leadership in our class.  As long as we worked hard and gave great effort, it was definitely possible," Muellenberg said.

"Great kids to coach, very coachable.  They have been really good leaders.  A couple of them started on our state championship team, they worked extremely hard.  They didn't take it for granted," Head coch Rick Muellenberg said.

Pretty good for a group of friends just hanging out.

"I never thought of this.  I always dreamed of it though.  Never thought of it really," Miedema said.

On Thursday, when the 13 seniors put the Bangor jerseys on, they will take the field together one last time.

"It's going to be emotional for me.   I have to give it everything I got.  It's my last game.  End on a positive note," Miedema said.

"Sad in a way, it's the last time.  But I wouldn't have done it with anyone else than the seniors that I'm with," Muellenberg said.  

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