Rose Bowl features two similar teams

PASADENA, Calif. - The phrase mirror image is going to get thrown around when discussing the Wisconsin versus Stanford Rose Bowl matchup.

Both teams love running the football, and both teams taking great pride in their defense. Both are ranked in the top twenty in the nation in total points allowed.

"There's some real similarities," said Badgers Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada. "I think we go against each other good on good through bowl prep like this. A lot of times it doesn't mirror. You're playing a spread team, whatever version of offense you're running. It doesn't always marry up. But in this game, it does."

Stanford Defensive Coordinator Derek Mason said, "When you look at these two groups, it's going to be as good a football game as you can find across the country. Two groups that have storied programs that have a lot to prove."

"Our offensive lineman know that everything starts up front with them," said Badgers senior running back Montee Ball.


"It's going to be a physical football game and like Montee said, it's starts off with our offensive lineman," said Badgers junior running back James White. "They have a great defensive line. We have a great offensive line. It'll be a great physical game. It'll be a great battle between us two." 

"It's a good, old fashioned, let's go get 'em football game. It'll be fun," Canada said.

Stanford's run defense is ranked number three in the entire nation but in Wisconsin's four games this season versus top 25 rushing defenses. Montee Ball still averaged 122 yards per contest in those games.

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