Brian Butch coaches camp at G.E.T.

GALESVILLE, Wis. - Former Wisconsin Badger Brian Butch stopped by G.E.T. High School Saturday.

This is his third year running basketball camps throughout his home state of Wisconsin, and the first time he has brought the camp to G.E.T. It's open to players as young as third grade and as old as high school seniors.

He says no matter who he's coaching, he stresses fundamentals and life lessons.

"I was able to play at the university and play professional basketball and if they just work hard, their dreams can come true. So hopefully all the kids work extremely hard and are able to reach their dreams, and not just basketball but whether it be football, baseball, dance, softball, golf, whatever it is. As long as they work hard at it and have no excuses, they can go to bed knowing they did everything possible."

Butch's camp continues Sunday at G.E.T. He said he hopes to return in 2014.


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