Barry Alvarez proud of Badgers Super Bowl winners

The only place buzzing more than Seattle might be the state of Wisconsin.

Four former badgers are now Super Bowl champs and no one is more proud of them than Wisconsin Athletics Director Barry Alvarez.

"As many times as they mention Wisconsin, that's free advertising," Alvarez said.

"If you see that many players from our program participating, then they identify us with a team that can prepare you to play at that level. So I was very proud of all five of them. It was fun for me."

Alvarez was also referring to Montee Ball, who plays for the Denver Broncos.

Also Monday, the Wisconsin Athletics Department announced that proceeds from the Badgers' spring football game will benefit UW-Madison's School of Education, specifically, improving student literacy. The spring football game is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 12.

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