LA CROSSE, WIS. - For most high school students, summer break means lounging by the pool and possibly even getting a part time job. But for Jacob Servais of West Salem, it could determine where he will spend life after high school.

Servais is one of 120 high school basketball players trying to capture the attention of college coaches at the Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Exposure camp held at Viterbo University.

"The camp invites kids from basically throughout the state of Wisconsin to play and get some exposure in front of college coaches. They want to prove that they're good players, that they do want to play at the next level and begin the recruiting process and show that they stack up with the best that the state has to offer” said Mark Miller, Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook writer.

Throughout the three days of camp, division three and NAIA coaches will be in the stands trying to find the latest player to add to their program.

"We have 57 kids here who were all conference last year at the camp, so it’s a high level camp," said Miller.

At six feet six inches, Servais is already on the radar of colleges such as River Falls, St. Mary's, and Viterbo.

"He's a guy a lot of division three schools are talking about because of his physical-ness, his improvement over the last 12 months, and his improvement down the road," Miller said.

"Knowing that these guys are pretty good, if I can do somewhat good, it would be good for me," Servais said.

While Servais is doing his best to draw the attention of college coaches, he is not here only for the exposure.

"I want to improve because I have one more year of high school, so I want to be good for our team and make our team as best as we can be,” he said.

With his sights set on playing in college, Servais views this camp as a step in the right direction.

"This one (camp) has been going on for a long time and its well known and a lot of coaches come, so that can help me."