The newest addition at Lancers practice is a little unorthodox. So much so, it's actually modeled in part after the Oregon Ducks.

The whole idea is about going fast in games, so we want to go fast in practice," first-year head coach Steve Kramer said.

"It's a new coach and we've never seen this before. It just kind of gets you fired up I guess," said senior safety Graham Eddy.

The Lancers have a buzzer that sounds nearly every ten minutes.

"The buzzer is because I couldn't keep track of time before," Kramer said. "I don't have a choice now so it automatically goes off when we want it to go off. It's basically a segment timer. A poor man's segment timer."

"It's different, but surprisingly working really well," senior lineman Tate Youngblut said. "Everyone's moving with the drills. They know what it means."

"Just having the music right now, our kids are so much more upbeat," Kramer said.

La Crescent is hoping music isn't the only thing Steve Kramer brings to the program. They're hoping for a little bit of his luck, too. He took over Seneca two weeks before the season started last year. They went to State.

"People say two weeks but I knew the kids," Kramer said. "But where it ended up was pretty cool."

"So hopefully that carries over to us and we have success too," Eddy said. "We've got music going now so hopefully by Friday we'll be ready to go."