Pientok pulling double duty

Published On: May 20 2012 11:08:53 PM CDT   Updated On: May 20 2012 11:19:03 PM CDT

A summer baseball season allowed multi-sport athletes like Whitehall's Jake Pientok an opportunity to letter in 4 varsity sports in a single school year. But with the decision area schools made to move their summer baseball programs to the spring, left tough decisions for many student athletes.

The days of participating in track and field in the spring and playing baseball in the summer are over. Most students now have to pick one or the other. "All the years through high school I've done track and baseball so It was kind of hard to pick one because we've been pretty successful in both," says Pientok.

Whitehall however is allowing their athletes to participate in both baseball and track.

"We made the switch from summer to spring which caused some issues with kids who have been doing track and baseball for years, so we had a handful of kids like Jake who had to make a decision about which one they were going to do and Jake is one of those athletes that's doing both sports, track and baseball and is performing at a high level in both of them," says Whitehall head baseball coach Damon Lisowski.

Time management skills are tested to their fullest when competing in two different sports in the same season. "This week it was track (Monday), baseball (Tuesday), day off (Wednesday), track (Thursday) and baseball (Friday)," as Pientok describes the baseball games and track and field meets on his schedule. "I get really mentally and physically drained cause I go from one practice to another and then they'll give baseball a day off for a break, but then I have track practice or a track meet so its not a break for me."

Pientok has helped both the Whitehall baseball and track and field teams capture Dairyland Conference Championships this spring.