Boomer Collins might as well be a local.

"I just love La Crosse," Collins said. "It's been great to me."

The outfielder is one of the veterans on the Loggers. He also played in La Crosse in 2009.

"Back in '09, I was one of the younger guys. So now being one of the older guys, you can kind of see the differences," he said. "I kind of take pride in people asking me questions, how to take the game every day, how to work through the grind."

He's also one of the team's good luck charms. The Loggers won 11 games in a row as soon as he joined the squad.

"My first game was when it started, so that was pretty cool."

Naturally, Boomer Collins is one of the fan favorites at Copeland Park, as evidenced by every time the P.A. announcer says his name.

"You know, I try to stay focused during the game, but I do hear a louder cheer, which is pretty cool. I really like it a lot," Collins said.

Maybe it's the nick name: Boomer.

"Actually, I was born in a tornado. It was like a huge crash of lightning right before I was born and the doctor was like, oh, it's a boomer. So kinda since then, it's been my nickname"

And at Copeland Park ... the cheers from Loggers fans seem just as loud.