Gurley is one of several Packers receivers wondering what will happen Friday.

"I'm going to go home and go to sleep," Gurley said. "Tomorrow, I'm probably going to go fishing. If you guys want to join me, we can sit out there on a lake and have us a few Gatorades and enjoy life."

Harrell had two more drives, throwing a pass to Green for a 17-yard touchdown before halftime, then finding Jarrett Boykin for a 12-yard touchdown.

Harrell, a former standout at Texas Tech, came into camp as the Packers' main backup after Matt Flynn signed a free agent deal with Seattle.

Harrell struggled coming into Thursday, playing with a second-string offense that has struggled to protect him.

"He showed me if you can keep him upright he can throw the ball," Finley said. "The Graham that I know, he can sling it. I think he got some great opportunities tonight to show what he can do, and he did that."

Added Finley, "Hopefully, he's around here in the next 48 hours."