Fishing a family affair for Chapman

Published On: Jun 21 2012 06:56:17 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 21 2012 07:17:07 PM CDT

Brent Chapman's neon green boat doesn't exactly match his personality. Chapman is laid-back, detail-oriented, and supported by the best team imaginable. "My kids, they get up, and they help pick up stuff in the boat. My wife, I mean from just helping with the lunch, to helping with tackle, it's all a team effort for me."

Brent's wife Bobbi quit her job to focus on handling the business side of Brent's career as well as the family side, taking their two kids wherever Brent competes. "I think it's incredible, that they get to travel and to be with their dad," says Bobbi. "And we like to think that traveling together is the best opportunity for them, so that we can grow together as a family instead of spending time apart."

"She knew what she was getting into before she said 'I do'," adds Brent.

With the full support of his family, Chapman's career is full speed ahead. He's currently first in the standings for the coveted Angler of the Year award  and won the last Bassmaster Elite Series event at Toledo Bend. "Leading Angler of the Year, yeah, you feel a little bit of pressure, but I just have to remind myself, I cant think about it too much."

Chapman is finding the fish this year. But just a season ago, it was tough to keep his head above water. "Last year I was experienceing one of the biggest slumps of my career. I went four tournaments in a row without even cashing a check. It hurt. It hurt financially."

At this weekend's Mississippi River Rumble, Chapman has more than bait on his boat. He keeps a seashell under the drivers seat. "When your kids give you something and say 'daddy this is for good luck', then you hang on to it."

It is a reminder of the support he has from his family, on the water and on the road. "Our home is wherever we take it for the week."

And through Sunday, home is La Crosse, Wisconsin.