It was a hands on experience Wednesday for Holmen students in creating ancient art.

Fifth grade students at Viking Elementary spent the morning outside firing their clay leaves.

The art teacher was giving them a lesson in pit firing which uses an open fire instead of a kiln to create things like clay bowls and vases. Ancient cultures like the Native Americans used this technique.

The students tried their own hands at it. "We made some leaves like this, this is one that hasn't been fired yet, and this is one that has been fired; you can see the colors, the variation of colors we get on it, depending on what we place by the pieces in the pit," said Viking Elementary Art Teacher John Boland.

Inside the pits they had straw, sawdust and some grasses. The variety of burning materials gave each students' leaf a unique look. "It's gonna make it burn and then it's going to make the leaves look pretty or it's going to make them have little spots on it," said fifth grader Abigail Von Arx.

This is the first time they've done this project in the last four years.