The idea of a later start for older students in the Onalaska School District is quickly thrown out.

The Onalaska School Board was considering switching start times to have the elementary school start first and the other schools follow. Right now, it's the reverse.

However, the school ran into too many road blocks to make the change.

A survey of parents found that at least 170 elementary students are supervised by an older brother or sister after school. And if the school wanted to provide an after school program to solve the babysitting issue, it could cost an additional $85,000 a year.

There were also issues with busing the students, and athletes missing too much class time to get to sporting events on time.

"There's good reserach about high school kids starting later and how many hours of sleep adolescents and older need, so we were hoping we could make that work and not have it be a financial burden," said Superintendent Fran Finco.

There will be a slight change for the older students next year. Middle schoolers will start at 7:25 a.m. and high schoolers at 7:30 a.m.