A woman’s pregnancy is usually broken into three trimesters. What can you expect to happen to your body and your baby’s development during each trimester? Look at the breakdown below.

First Trimester
During the first three months of pregnancy, a woman may experience “morning sickness” as well as fatigue and breast tenderness. During this time she also will make her first doctor appointments and begin prenatal care.

According to the Mayo Clinic, during the first three months the baby’s brain, spinal cord and organs begin to form, as well as his or her toes and fingers. During this time the baby’s heart will also begin to beat.

Second Trimester
The mom-to-be should start to feel better during months four to six of her pregnancy. During this second trimester she may experience larger breasts, skin changes and her belly should start to get bigger.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the baby will start to move more – being able to kick and make facial expressions. The baby will also be able to hear.

Third Trimester
The Mayo Clinic states that the third trimester can be the most challenging for the mother. During the last few months she may suffer from a sore back and swollen ankles. She also will endure frequent doctor visits to check the baby’s positioning and get her ready for delivery.

During months seven to nine, according to the Mayo Clinic, the baby will start opening his or her eyes and start to gain weight. The baby will be considered to be full term by week 37.