A Yale University student says school doctors told her to either gain weight or take a leave of absence from the school.

The New Haven Register reported that Frances Chan, 20, says she visited Yale's health center in Sept. to have a breast lump examined. The lump was benign, but doctors told Chan during the visit that her weight was too low. At 5'2" and 92 lbs., Chan claimed that she is genetically, naturally thin. Health professionals did not believe her and told her to gain weight or leave the school. They implemented a weight-gain plan for Chan, which included mandatory, weekly weigh-ins with health professionals.

Despite eating junk food and not exercising, Chan wasn't able to gain weight. Yale told her that her two-pound weight gain over the course of several months would not be enough to keep her in school.

Out of frustration, she wrote an essay about her situation, which was published in the Huffington Post.

Now it seems Yale is backing off on their original stance. Recently, Chan posted on her Facebook page that her new physician acknowledged that BMI was not the only significant measure of proper health. Chan agreed to continue going to the check-ups, but only once a semester.