A Pittsburgh woman's houseplant means so much to her that she's left it $5,000 in her will.

Ronna Scoratow told the Wall Street Journal the 42-year-old philodendron has outlived a cat, several poodles and parakeets and is her most durable companion.

"This plant will definitely outlive me," she said. "After I pass, I don't want her to go unloved."

Scoratow, who is 63 and in good health, has no children.

Her siblings don't share her love of indoor greenery, so she put $5,000 in her will for a friend to use in caring for the plant.

The lacy tree philodendron was less than a foot tall when a friend gave it to Scoratow in 1972.

These days, it stands more than 7 feet tall and coils in all directions, blocking a large picture window in the living room.