Now that's some hardcore family time.

A 91-year-old grandmother and four generations of her family jumped out of a plane recently during a skydiving trip in Utah. And they may have set a world record while doing it.

Marie Kimmey got the idea after seeing former President George H.W. Bush skydive for his 90th birthday.

"She said, 'I've been wanting to do that for a while. If my property sells I'm going to take everyone skydiving,'" her granddaughter, Roma Christiansen, 45, told ABC News.

The property was Kimmey's home in South Dakota, where she had lived with her husband until he passed away. The home had been languishing on the market for months, but finally sold less than a month after Kimmey's skydiving remarks.

True to her word, she treated herself and 11 family members to the skydive she had promised.

"It kind of feels cool because we did this as a group and it's something that we will remember forever and we can tell our kids and grandkids that look, we did this and so you can do something too," Christiansen told Salt Lake City TV station KUCW. "I'm afraid of heights but I conquered it!"

The family has submitted a video of their feat to Guinness World Records.

Watch their video below or by tapping here: