A new school year is bringing some big changes to Western Technical College.

Officials say they're excited about the renovations to the Coleman Center, which were completed just in time for the start of classes. The project converted the school's original building from 1923 into a state-of-the-art facility while preserving the historical structure.

Overall, President Lee Rasch says enrollment is slightly down to begin this year, but they have seen an increase in interest for the 15 programs in the Integrated Technology Center. That includes programs in manufacturing and agriculture, as well as science and technology.

"Those are the very occupations that many employers have been telling us they're really worried that young people aren't coming into those professions, so it shows that if we put our focus, we have some new program facilities, we put all those things together we can really bring the results that they're looking for," said Rasch.

He says Western expects enrollment to hit last year's levels once the mid-year enrollment period wraps up.