A 31-year-old West Salem man is accused of physically abusing his girlfriend's 14-month-old son.

David Hendricks has been charged with physical abuse of a child-intentionally cause bodily harm in La Crosse County Court.

Hendricks had been living with his girlfriend in an apartment for several months. The criminal complaint states Hendricks was at the apartment with his girlfriend’s 14-month-old son and his five kids on Sunday, October 27. Hendricks told police he noticed red marks on the toddler’s ears and thought maybe it was from his kids roughhousing with him.

Investigators talked with the other children that day. They said they were not roughhousing and they saw Hendricks throw the toddler under the table. Hendrick’s 10-year-old son told police he saw his dad push the toddler into a chair because he was angry that he was fussy and crying and would not be quiet.

The complaint states an 11-year-old told investigators he saw Hendricks carry the toddler from the living room into the bedroom and pull on his ear.

Hendricks told investigators he might have swatted the 14-month-old a couple of times because he would not be quiet. Hendricks also said he was groggy from pain medication he took the day before and that is why he may have been “short” with the toddler, the complaint states.