A loving surprise is showing up at people's door steps for Valentine’s Day.

La Crosse Floral was booked solid for the day by the time it opened. Roses, tulips, and bouquets of all kinds are all making their way to loved ones.

"Flowers just really make you happy and improve your spirits and I can say there's studies, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know they make you happy," said Linda Zoerb, president of La Crosse Floral.

The delivery driver we went out with today is actually working with his wife. He's retired from working the law enforcement and loves working a part time job where everyone's happy to see him at their door.

"Everybody is glad to get flowers, it's fun to see the reactions and talk to the people and it's a lot better than serving papers,” said delivery driver Larry Clark.

About half of the people giving a gift for Valentine's Day are actually giving something sweet.