UWL graduate gives mom ultimate Mother's Day gift

UWL graduate gives mom ultimate...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Graduation day happened to fall on Mother's Day this year and for UWL graduate Brett Hulmer, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Hulmer accepted a job position as a high-school band director at Ashland High School.

But it's who he's replacing in that position that makes Sunday's Mother's Day and graduation celebrations a little extra special.

Graduating college and landing a job, it sounds like the dream story.

But for Christine and her son, it gets even better.

Since he was little, Brett always wanted to be a band director, just like his mom.

She's held the title as a band director for 30 years at Ashland High School and decided to retire this year.

So when the position opened up, Brett applied.

"It's gotta be mine," he said.

"I knew I wanted to be in a school, so when I figured out I could have the best of both worlds with music and being in a school, I was like let's do it, this is the job."

But Christine wanted to make sure her son didn't get an easy pass.

"You have to earn it, and you have to do all the work and have your resume built and pass the interview process and get your own job. And he did, he just made me very very proud."

The music legacy she left behind, now continued by her own son.

A Mother's Day gift that's hard to top.

"It's just very heart warming and very fulfilling."

From Mrs. Hulmer, to Mr. Hulmer, the students at Ashland high School won't have to adjust too much to a name change.

But Brett says he has big shoes to fill.

"The community I'm stepping in absolutely has a very deep deep passion for what she's done for the community and I can only hope to continue that and I'm really excited for it."

Brett will be starting his new position as a band director this year.


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