UWL adds more defibrillators, intends to save more lives

UWL adds more defibrillators, intends...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - UWL music instructor David Phipps has his heart set on music.

But after a heart attack in 2013, the beat of his heart lost its rhythm and he was hospitalized for two days.

However thanks to a piece of technology and an officer who was there to use it, Phipps's heart still carries a beat.

In the last 15 years, AED's helped save five lives at UWL. The electronic devices are used to shock the heart back into its normal rhythm.

The campus originally had 14 defibrillators, but after recognizing the need for more, university officers stepped in and made it happen. 

They demonstrated Thursday how to use AED's and announced they'll be adding more devices on campus.

"A program approached my chief, he took it to the administration and along with working with other departments of campus, we were able to purchase and implace 24 brand new AED's," said University Officer David Pehl.

Along with the new AED's comes a how-to-session, to make sure anyone on site of an emergency, knows how to use the device.

"Essentially all you have to do is open the cover, and it will walk you through every step of placing the pads on the patient and also it will prompt you how to give CPR if you do not know how to," Pehl said.

Phipps said he learned how necessary the device is after his scary experience.

"It's nice to have that insurance, kind of like wearing a seatbelt, you hope you'll never really need it but it's there if it is need it."

Each academic building now has a defibrillator along with the stadium and each residence hall.

Officers also said Thursday's session on how to use the AED's served as a  way to inspire more people to become CPR and AED trained.

The device is completely automatic and once the pads are placed on the patient, there is nothing else that needs to be done with the device.



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