UW-La Crosse students organize 'Women's March on La Crosse'

UW-La Crosse students organize 'March...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - People took to the streets in La Crosse Saturday afternoon to support women’s rights in response to the nascent presidency of Donald Trump.

Two students from UW-La Crosse organized a "Women's March on La Crosse" for those unable to participate in larger marches throughout the country.

Protesters met under the clock tower at UWL and then marched down State Street to the downtown area.

Marchers say they want to show solidarity with gatherings across the country as well as to support the rights of all Americans.

"We're both here to represent women and women's rights and the rights of everybody. We have here gathered a number of generations and we want those generations to have what he had and what we took for granted as rights," said Maureen Cooney, who participated in the the march. 

Tens of thousands of people attended a larger march in Madison Saturday.

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