UPDATE: La Crosse County storm damage report

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - As of 08:00 am, July 27,  the following road damages have been reported to the County Emergency Management Office:

Town of Shelby
Breidel Coulee Road at Evergreen Lane bridge closed.  Open but will need work.

Town of Farmington
A. Craig road is being repaired and is open.
Hippler Hill Road has damage, but is open
Herman Coulee Road or the Wet Coulee Hill are open.
County DE at 108 and 108 Open
Portions of County Roads C (near CTH A), Q (near CTH C) are damaged
Wenzel Road and Hwy T – Numerous slide offs, not yet repaired
Wanlass Road from Radio Tower to Hwy T – Partial closures due to mudslide., Now all open.

Town of Greenfield
Schmaltz road, shoulder damage to pavement, mud over back part of road
Water to bridge deck on Mormon Coulee creek
Doll Road, rutted, damage to pavement
Schieche road, water damage to shoulder to pavement, two bridges lost rip rap stone
Ober road, large boulders on road, creek over the road the road should damage
Kammel Coulee road spillway damage road closed at Town line intersection with Washington Tsp.
Temp road water over road debris damage
Kriebich road, debris over road
Valley Wood Spring, Culvert damage Birchview Circle
All roads passable except Kammel but need plowing for debris\

Town of Bangor
County Road II at County Road I is closed due to a bridge failure

Town of Barre
Nearly all driveways on Drechtrah Coulee Road are washed out
8’ culvert completely destroyed near Sofia Lane

Town of Onalaska Infrastructure Damages

Forest Court undermined near N6651
Forest Court shoulder wash-- length of road
Forest Court cul-de-sac washed

Pinewood Drive undermining road and electrical posts
Pinewood Drive cul-de-sac
Wildwood Valley roundabouts washed will need gravel
Wildwood Valley third roundabout – undermined
Wildwood Valley mudslide
Oakwood Drive undermined
Oakwood Drive cul-de-sac washed

Johnson Coulee Road mudslides near N6425 (possible riprap needed)
Johnson Coulee road shoulder washed 60+ feet
Johnson Coulee Road T-culvert under road at/near N6377 washed
Johnson Coulee Road at end creek bank --- caved up to road
Ed Severson Road creek bank caved to edge of road
JO Johnson Road ditch washed length of road

O Nelson Road chip seal from 2016 washed away
Anderson Road culvert undermined
Wood Hollow Road culver near end is undermined
Skoug Road culvert
Bringe Road culvert half way to end culvert marker is washed away

Keppel Road bridge erosion
Keppel Road shoulders washed

Shilling Road edges washed
Park Drive @ Shilling Road collapse ¼ width of road
Grayhawk storm water pond inlet collapse
Grayhawk @ Raptor Drive culvert undermined and sinking
Shilling Road edges washed
Winesap Road edges washed

Green Coulee Road edges washed
Briggs Road washed edges
Remus Road shoulders washed
T of Onalaska rear shop lot flooded
T of Onalaska NASA landing road shoulders washed
Marvin Gardens Park walking bridge damaged

Mohican Trail mud and shoulders
Thunderbird addition signage washed away
Hanson Road shoulders washed
Hanson Road culvert washed
Reef Road –road edge missing

Wendtland Road undermined near Riverland Energy Box
Schultz Lane edge washed and beginning to undermine roadway
Schultz Lane ditch washed out
Sobkowiak Road @ Schultz Lane shoulders washed
Sobkowiak Road culvert washed and partial caving
Trusonni Court cul-de-sac right side washed

Town of Holland
Wolfe Road is flooded but passable for the most part. 
Road closed on August Avenue.  The ditches filled up with water and went over the road.

Town of Burns
Hwy U - Bridge under water.  Open needing repair
E Olson Road – some pavement washed away
Culpitt Road – some road shoulder and pavement washed away

Town of Medary
Smith Valley Road – Wash outs form mud slides onto the road, buckling on shoulders
Hidden Springs Road – Wash outs/mud slides
Miller Road – Wash outs/mud slides

The Sheriff Dept. closed County Road J (N5370) from 16 to Rockland

Reported by the County Highway Department

Flooding Repair 7-25-17
We have at least some minor shoulder and/or ditch erosion and culverts that need to be cleaned out on every County Trunk Highway (CTH).  That said all CTHs are open to traffic at this time and we are working on repairing all of the damage.  The areas below provide a list of the larger projects, specifically those projects that we believe may be eligible for either FEMA or FHWA funding.  A tour with the FHWA has been set up, FEMA has not set up the “kick-off” meeting at this time.

Impacted County Bridges
• CTH II over Bostwick Creek
• CTH JB over Dutch Creek
• CTH U over Fish Creek
• CTH XX over Halfway Creek
• All Federally recognized bridges within La Crosse County that could not be inspected because of high water will be re-inspected.
• All Federally recognized bridges within La Crosse County that could not be inspected because of water depth will have underwater dive inspections performed on them in August.
• None of the bridge damage has resulted in a need for bridge replacement.  For the most part the damage is in the form of washed out bridge approaches, undercutting of abutments or rip-rap being washed away.

County Trunk Highways (CTHs)
• CTH M - north of STH 33 - Shoulders
• CTH VV - north of CTH Q - Culvert
• CTH NN – Shoulders and culverts.
• CTH AE – Shoulders
• CTH G - Hill stabilization, shoulder work and culvert repairs.
• CTH OA - (CTH FO to STH 33) - Hill stabilization
• CTH Q - small structure near CTH C
• CTH ZN - Shoulders
• CTH A - Culverts and shoulders
• CTH C - in vicinity of CTH A - roadway damage
• CTH II - in vicinity of CTH I – roadway damage
• CTH B – (CTH O to STH 16) – slide outs.
• CTH I - Slide outs.
• CTH T - Culverts repairs/
• CTH JJ – Shoulder repairs and slide outs.
• CTH JB – Shoulder repairs and slide outs.
• CTH FO – Shoulder repairs and slide outs.
• CTH H – Shoulder repairs and slide outs.\

State Trunk Highways (STHs)
• STH 33 – Irish Hill - Shoulders, washouts, drains plugged, mudslides and rock falls.
• STH 162 – Dutch Creek - Shoulders and mudslides.
• STH 108 - Shoulders.
• STH 16 - Mudslides.
• STH 35 South – Radio tower bridge debris and sediment removal.

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