Local unions and others are calling on Representative Ron Kind to change his position on a new trade agreement.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or T.P.P., would be a new international trade pact designed to improve trade and investment with other countries. That includes Japan, Australia, and other pacific countries.

Congressman Ron Kind is a member of the pro T.P.P. caucus.

Some worry this will outsource jobs, create opportunities for the rich to get richer, and make it harder to protect the environment.

They're also concerned the legislation would be "fast tracked." That means Congress would be unable to amend any proposal that comes before it, rather only vote yes or no.  "We need agreements that are in the interest of American workers and American citizens. We can do this through international trade, we're not against trade, we want to expand trade, but we want to make it work for everybody," said the President of the Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition David Newby.

Congressman Ron Kind released this statement to News 8 Monday:

"I respect everyone's right to free speech and I welcome discussion about such an important topic. I'm committed to working with farmers, unions and businesses to help craft trade agreements that elevate standards for workers and strengthen our economy in Wisconsin... In fact, right here in our community, fully 40% of Trane's products are exported, and thanks in part to a 2012 trade agreement with South Korea, Trane has doubled its exports to that country since 2009."