Two entrances onto I-90 will be closed for the next few months.

To help ensure safety on bridge construction on Highway 157, the two looping exits will be closed. Those would take you west on the interstate from North 157 and east from South 157.

There will also be a number of lane closures.

The Wisconsin D.O.T. is re-decking the southbound bridge as part of routine maintenance. "The bridge wasn't on the verge of collapsing, it's just that the deck will eventually develop holes right through the middle, and if we don't do this now, eventually something will, a piece will fall down and we'll have to close this road right at this time," said project manager Tony Vanderwielen.

The D.O.T highly recommends drivers slow down and be cautious around the construction.

Work will be done on the other bridge after the first phase is complete. It is expected to wrap up in October.