A shadier side of La Crosse's history comes to light Wednesday evening. The tour leader says, "you would have seen the workings of one of La Crosse's industries: prostitution and brothels."

The public library put together a new walking tour called "Dark La Crosse." Wednesday was the dress rehearsal.

The tour explores La Crosse's downtown and digs into a few not-so-pleasant stories about the city's past. "Murder, mayhem, and ribaldry took place, showing a little of the underside of the late 19th, early 20th century La Crosse history," said Library Director Kelly Krieg-Sigman.

"Not so nice stuff, this is definitely adult content, nothing dirty by any means, but it's definitely adult content," said archivist and tour narrator Scott Brouwer.

"Dark La Crosse" is part of the library's footsteps tours, most of which focus on architecture.

The tours for the fall have already filled up and there's a lengthy waiting list for spring.