MOORE, Okla. -- Donations from our community have finally made their way to Moore Okla. to help victims of the tornado that tore through the city about a couple of weeks ago.

Many of the locals in Moore locals said it's still hard to believe it’s about a week and a half since an EF-5 tornado destroyed many parts of the city.

Volunteers are working every day to clean up miles and miles of debris while salvaging what's left of homes and personal belongings. Brian Wellendorf, the owner of Wellendorf Construction in La Crescent, Minn. drove through the night Wednesday and arrived in Moore 7 a.m. Thursday.

They brought a semi-truck full of donations including food, tools, equipment, toys and clothes. They delivered the food to a Moore Baptist Temple, where volunteers supply meals to those affected and volunteers helping with the cleanup.

The volunteers said after seeing the destruction for themselves, it's been more important than ever to help.

“It has been worth it,” said Wellendorf. “It was a completely new feeling for everybody, which is at my age, it's hard to believe you could have a new feeling, but we all agreed that we had a completely new feeling inside of us so.”

While most of the focus is on Moore, tornados also hit surrounding communities either the day before or after a tornado hit Moore.

Kerri Bandell works at State Farm in Onalaska. She's an Oklahoma native. She chose to bring the donations she collected to help small communities.

“I grew up in a town about the size of this area,” said Bandell. “So I know how hard it is. These places sometimes get forgotten a little bit. They're just these tiny little bitty towns that I want to make sure I want to help.”

Both group of volunteers will stay for a few days to help with clean up, but it’s been very difficult for them to get in a full day of work.

Local organizations and volunteers tell News 8 they've had to stop what they're doing by about three in the afternoon to take shelter. The hot, humid and windy weather is causing severe weather that hit the area throughout the past week. Tornados could also form under these conditions.