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NWS confirms EF1 tornado struck Trempealeau County

Peak wind gusts of 95 mph

NWS confirms EF1 tornado struck...

TREMPELEAU CO., Wis. (WKBT) - The National Weather Service in La Crosse confirms an EF1 tornado hit the town of Gale in Trempealeau County Wednesday.

That is located between Galesville and North Bend.

The assessment shows peak wind gusts of 95 mph, causing damage to barns and trees, but no reports of injuries.

Thursday morning, crews with the National Weather were out along Highway 54 in Trempealeau County along the path of that tornado, assessing the damage.

While residents were busy picking up, Todd Shea of the National Weather Service was busy gathering information.

"We're still trying to put all of the pieces together,” Shea said. "At the very least we're looking at winds in the 70-90 mph range at times."

The team looked at damage along Highway 54 in Trempealeau County, where a tornado was later confirmed.

"We have a lot of barn damage, a lot of trees down. Luckily not a lot of structural or home damage,” Shea said.

During the assessment, Shea took pictures often, looking for specific clues.

"We're looking for signs where there was any rotation,” Shea said. “Whether trees or damage was pulled together as it came through, or were things blown all in one direction. We also look at the path and how narrow it is."

Despite using the information to learn what happened, the info is also crucial for future severe weather events.

"What we try to do now is document what occurred, and then use that information, not only to have on record, but also to review how the services went, and review what we could possibly improve on or do the same the next time,” Shea said.

However the storm is classified, there's one observation from the team that stands out.

"Luckily, (the storm) doesn't seem to have injured or caused any lives,” Shea said.

Another crew from the National Weather Service traveled to southeastern Minnesota, where they confirmed two EF0 tornadoes hit the towns of Plainview and Elgin Minnesota.

The National Weather Service also reviews radar data to determine the severity of storms in these types of situations.

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