La Crosse Police are highlighting the importance of community tips after one led to a major meth lab bust earlier this week.

The tip resulted in a drug raid and two arrests at America's Best Value Inn on the city's north side Tuesday.

La Crosse Police receive about 30 tips a month on average, and at least 15% of those lead to an arrest.

Officers say they rely on the public's information when it comes to cracking down on crime in the community.  "I mean the public is our eyes and ears, and it's critical for those people out there, if they see suspicious activity or if they know suspicious activity is going on, to pass those tips along to us," said Lt. Pat Hogan.

There are multiple ways you can send in a tip.  You can call or text the Crimestoppers line at 784-TIPS or just call the La Crosse Police main line at 785-5962.

You can also go online to their website and Facebook page.