The Latest developments on Election Day in Wisconsin (all times local):

11:30 a.m.

Poll workers and other observers are reporting steady voting in Tuesday's general election in Wisconsin after an early morning crunch of people, some of whom waited in long lines for a chance to cast their ballot.

One of Milwaukee's busier wards on the near north side blocks from Lake Michigan had nearly 400 voters by mid-morning. Chief inspector Shana Lucas says that's more votes that some elections draw during the whole day in that ward.

Lines were long before the workday at Milwaukee's municipal building in downtown Milwaukee.

State elections officials expect more than 3 million people will vote in this election in Wisconsin.


7:55 a.m.

The culmination of a tense political season ends Tuesday at the ballot box. So, it might be tempting to snap a selfie photo with your ballot after you're done voting.

In Wisconsin, that would be problematic. Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney says the concern isn't so much with the photo itself, but in sharing that photo. Posting it on social media equates to showing your ballot to someone else — and that's against the law.

Magney tells WUWM-FM ( the intent of the law is to prevent people from selling their votes.

A review by The Associated Press shows there are laws against voters sharing any photo of their ballot in 18 states, while six others bar photography in polling places but allow photos of mail-in ballots.


7:05 a.m.

Polls are open in Wisconsin where voters weary of the political rhetoric have the final say on the person they want to be the next commander in chief and the next U.S. senator from the Badger State, as well as other choices.

It's the first presidential election where voters here are required to show a photo ID before receiving their ballot. Wisconsin Election Commission officials predict turnout of near 70 percent, on par with the past two presidential elections where photo IDs were not required.

Democrats hope to keep a presidential winning streak dating back to 1988 alive, while Republicans try to re-elect Sen. Ron Johnson, which would make him the first Wisconsin Republican to win a Senate seat in a presidential year since 1980.


6:35 a.m.

The majority of Wisconsin's eligible voters will head to the polls on this Election Day.

Nearly 800,000 of the expected 3 million people who are expected to vote in the general election have already cast their ballots. That includes 28-year-old Rebecca Zbichorski (sbee-HOR'-skee) who headed to the municipal building in downtown Milwaukee to cast an early vote for Donald Trump.

Zbirchorski spent nearly eight years on active duty in the Marines with two deployments to Iraq. She says "America needs a kick in the behind" and thinks Trump is the guy to do it.

Zbirchorski says she's tired of the political chaos and hopes the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election won't be challenged. The Wisconsin Elections Commission projects nearly 70 percent of the state's eligible voters are expected to cast ballots in this election.


12:16 a.m.