A Texas boy who's a Navajo Indian was sent home from school on his first day of kindergarten over his long hair.

Malachi Wilson's parents told the school district in Seminole that it's against their religion to cut their hair.

But that didn't stop administrators at F.J. Young Elementary School from sending 5-year-old Malachi home, Odessa TV station KOSA reported.

"It's kind of heartbreaking because how do you explain to a 5-year-old that he is being turned away because of what he believes in, because of his religion, because of what's part of him, how do you explain that to him?" Malachi's mother, April Wilson, told KOSA.

Malachi's parents had to go to the Navajo Nation for documentation proving their son was, indeed, a Native American before school officials let him come back.

School officials said they were only following procedure.

April Wilson told KOSA she's contacted the American Indian Movement for assistance, and is considering pulling her son out of public school over the incident.