A 14-year-old South Carolina boy recently put his karate skills to the test, fighting off a shark that tried to attack him and his sister while swimming.

Joshua Watson and his sister were actually pretending to be sharks when the game turned all too real, Charleston TV station WCSC reported.

A shark bit down on Joshua's ankle, which he instantly tried to jerk away before punching the shark in the nose.

The shock of the blow turned the shark away, but not before leaving a row of teeth marks on Joshua's right leg.

"I tried to stay calm because the more your adrenaline rushes the more blood comes out," he told WCSC, adding he learned the trick from a movie.

Joshua is expected to fully recover, and his parents are thankful he didn't suffer any long-term injuries.

"I could've been so much worse and he's really gotten the best scenario possible for recovery," his mother, Rebekah Watson, told WCSC.