(Update 9-16): The name of the teenager who died has been released.

The teen's name was Jonas Hoover.  Also The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has learned that the Manure tank was malfunctioning and a piece of metal was found near the agitating valve, causing the spray pattern to be affected.


Authorities say a teenager from rural Owen is dead after a farm accident in west-central Wisconsin.

Clark County sheriff's authorities got a 911 call Wednesday morning that the 16-year-old was in a manure tank in the Town of Hixon.

Investigators say the boy apparently was spreading manure in a field when he stopped the tractor after emptying the manure tank he was pulling. The boy entered the empty manure tank, apparently because of a maintenance issue, and was found unconscious inside.

It's not known how long the boy was in the tank. Firefighters removed the boy from the tank, and he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. His name was not immediately released.