It's been 15 years since our country was attacked on September 11th and students in La Crosse are learning about that tragic day in a unique way.

As part of an AP social studies class at Central High School in La Crosse, students viewed first-person accounts of 9-11 in class Monday and parts of a documentary.

Teachers say it's more important to talk about that day in classrooms now because most students don't have memories of it happening.

"I think it was less important back 10 years ago to talk about it because everybody experienced it and everybody understood it. But as we get more and more kids who, you know, these kids were barely born and next year's kids weren't born, it's important for them to understand what that event was because it did have such a huge effect on our country," says Social Studies teacher at Central High School Kevin Colburn.

Students used accounts of 9-11 as part of their lesson on primary and secondary sources.