More than 2,000 soldiers, airmen and civilian first responders are participating in a full-scale emergency response exercise at Volk Field from July 15-18.

Military units from 26 states will be represented in the joint-service domestic operations scenario at Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center and Fort McCoy.

Training organizers say the National Guard Bureau’s annual PATRIOT exercise assesses the ability of the National Guard forces to respond to multiple emergencies and assist local and state first responders. This is the first year that elements of the U.S. Army Reserve are participating in the exercise.

Area residents may notice an increase in air traffic as a result of the exercise. Training leaders said some training may occur at low altitudes and in the evening, especially near Volk Field and Fort McCoy. If residents have questions or concerns, contact Volk Field at 1-800-972-8673.