Small school graduates four sets of twins

MELROSE, Wis. (WKBT) - As many high school seniors get ready to graduate, one high school in the area will be celebrating a not-so-average moment.

According to statistics, about one in every 30 babies born in the U.S. is a twin.

But at Melrose-Mindoro High School, it seems those numbers might be different.

Fifty three students are graduating this year, eight of them are twins, making up nearly 14 percent of their entire class.

As the old saying goes, 'there must be something in the water.'

Melrose-Mindoro High School Math Teacher Tom Wisniewski breaks down the rare occurrence.

"The probability of having just twins in general so it could be identical, fraternal, combined so with that I came up with .005 so less than one half percent now you factor in three of sets are identical, it's even less so I'd say confidently less than half a percent."

Although it doesn't seem to phase any of the twins..

"It's pretty normal to me I guess so yeah."

They still admit, it's not very common in a school this size.

A pattern of double last names and a little bit of confusion for Principal Jeff Arzt.

"I'd come up to them and usually say Mr. Vang, or Mrs. Kovacevich or Ms. Kovacevich and try to determine which was which."

Mr. Arzt isn't to blame. It's like seeing double.

But the Melrose-Mendoro squad of twins say they each have their own individual personalities.

"He's more like outgoing and stuff, I'm kind of shy at first."

"I guess I'd be maybe a little bit more outgoing than he would be."

As rare as it may be, this year's graduating class of twins, may not be the last.

"We do have some more twins coming," Arzt said.

Principle Arzt said it's definitely odd to have four sets of twins in the school but it's even more rare that they all turned out to be wonderful students.

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