Rep. Walz talks rail safety in Winona while touring Miller Ingenuity

Rep. Walz talks rail safety in Winona...

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - A railway safety discussion in Winona today included local and federal leaders.

United States Congressman Tim Walz, representing southern Minnesota, and rail safety advocates talked about advancements in safety programs. Walz and others toured Miller Ingenuity and watched a product demonstration of the company's railway worker protection safety system.

Representative Walz says the efforts of local leaders to improve safety benefits everyone.

"Not only are we pointing out a problem, we've got folks that are actually doing something to fix it. They're bringing the technology to it. And this is protecting our railroad workers, making sure those tracks are safe so that those products don't derail,” said Walz.

Minnesota has more than 4,200 miles of track with more than 4,500 people working in the railroad industry.

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