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Workforce training ceremonial signing

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signs bill in Onalaska

Ceremonial signing for workforce training bill

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A ceremonial bill signing brings attention to a growth opportunity for small businesses.

Governor Scott Walker was at Crescent Printing Company in Onalaska to sign a workforce training bill. The bill expands the availability of Workforce Advancement Training Grants to Technical Colleges... and partnering employers.

In 2012, those grants provided support to hundreds of employers and training for more than 77,000 workers. The expansion is expected to help small businesses compete regionally and on a global scale.

"We're going to see some businesses probably that people have never heard of in Western Wisconsin that are able to expand their operations, diversify their market, and it's really at no cost beyond what we've already been spending, because this is an existing program where we're just expanding the definition," said Steve Doyle,  Democratic Rep. from the 94th Assembly District.

The bill was officially signed in April.

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