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Workforce profile shows job growth in La Crosse County

La Crosse County unemployment rate better than national average

Workforce profile shows job growth in La Crosse County

LA CROSSE COUNTY, Wis. (WKBT) - A new profile on La Crosse County shows the unemployment rate continues to be better than the national average.         

A newly updated workforce county profile, which gives a snapshot of the job market in every county throughout Wisconsin, shows La Crosse County is bouncing back in more industries than just one..

One woman who has been searching for a part-time job for a couple years now might finally have some luck.

Mother of four Ktrina Gurski has been looking for a job on-and-off for about two years.

"I've got a lot of experience," said Gurski.  "I've got my CNA, I've been certified in day care, even fire safety training, a lot of different stuff."

However, her heart lies with taking care of people.

"I've worked in nursing before in a group home for people with traumatic brain injuries and I absolutely loved it but moved from the area," said Gurski.

Well, now might be the perfect time for Gurski to jump back into the health field.

Experts just updated La Crosse County's workforce profile which puts the health services industry at the top when it comes to bouncing back from the recession.

"No business is truly recession resistant but they being those businesses, healthcare and education do tend to weather recessions a little better," said Bill Brockmiller, a regional labor market analyst with the Office of Economic Advisors in La Crosse.

Brockmiller said La Crosse County is often times the economic driver in healthcare and education.

"Even if you are in Vernon or Monroe, you are maybe at a TC satellite campus or still coming into La Crosse for education and often specialty care, there's regular care, but certain levels of the specialty care are provided here," said Brockmiller.

However, other industries are also making strides.

"There are different paces, in other words, some are creeping forward and some are really surging forward," said Brockmiller.

The profile shows La Crosse County is growing in areas including manufacturing, hospitality and retail.

"Retail trade kind of chugs along at an upward but slow pace, it is not blasting off the chart but it is growing," said Brockmiller.

Slowly but surely, job opportunities continue to grow in La Crosse County sprouting good news for Gurski as she hopes to get back in the field she loves the most.

"I tend to get emotionally involved, but that is where my heart is," said Gurski.

Analysts said most people in the workforce are getting ready to retire. They said the focus should be on hiring and retaining qualified workers.

Labor market analysts in all 72 Wisconsin Counties update the workforce profile every two years.

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