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Woman faces drug charges after crashing car into La Crosse Burger King

Driver crashed into drive-thru window Sunday night

LA CROSSE, WI - A 24-year-old La Crosse woman faces multiple drug charges after crashing her car into a fast food restaurant in downtown La Crosse Sunday night.

The La Crosse Firefighters say the woman was going about 35 miles per hour when her car went off 3rd Street and smashed into the drive-thru window of Burger King.

Burger King employee Mitchell Riles said he was helping a customer inside when it happened.

He said at first they thought something had fallen off the shelf until they realized a car hit their building. After running outside, he found the driver of the car crawling out through the passenger window.

Riles said right before the collision he was about to walk to the drive-thru with his manager to take an order.

"Man, I actually was relieved because my manager was a couple steps in front of me and if we weren't talking to this guy discussing his order, she might be on her way to the hospital also," said Riles.

The driver admitted to La Crosse police that she had been huffing air duster and drinking beer. Her PBT was .05. She had open alcohol in the car and had an aerosol can under her seat, according to the police report. Police also found syringes, spoons and baggies with white powder in the car.

The woman faces several charges including: operating without consent; intentional abuse hazardous substance; disorderly conduct; battery; possession of drug paraphernalia; operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated; possession of meth; felony bail jump.

The driver was transported to a local hospital with injuries. La Crosse police say they plan to arrest her after she is released from Gundersen Health System.


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