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Wisconsin's first lady visits Perrot State Park in Trempealeau

TREMPEALEAU, WI - Wisconsin's first lady toured some of the natural beauty of our area.

Tonette Walker hiked a trail through Perrot State Park in Trempealeau Tuesday afternoon.

It's part of her 'Walk with Walker" campaign, an effort to promote staying fit and enjoying the sights Wisconsin has to offer. "You know, I'm from Milwaukee so if you don't venture out of the area in Wauwatosa where I live, you're not going to experience the bluffs that you have up here and it's so gorgeous and so beautiful," said Walker.

"Perrot Park is a jewel as well as the U.S. Fish and Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge, we have many very nice things here for nature for people to come, and it's all year round," said the president of the Trempealeau Co. Chamber of Commerce Jean Galasinski.

Wisconsin's secretary of tourism joined the first lady on the nearly two mile hike. She says places like Perrot state Park help tourism make a huge impact in the economy. "In Trempealeau County, you're looking at nearly a 24 million dollar industry, supporting 373 jobs, full time," said Secretary Stephanie Klett.

Along with the walk, the first lady also went to a wine tasting and ate dinner at a local supper club.

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