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Wisconsin schools learn state aid levels

La Crosse receiving more, Onalaska less

School districts get aid estimates

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Wisconsin School districts have an idea of how much state funding to expect this year.

The Department of Public Instruction released the preliminary estimates Tuesday. About half will receive more aid, and the other half will receive less.

Projected General Aid - Wisconsin Schools

School          Proj. Aid      2013 Aid      Change
La Crosse      $30.4M        $29.1M            4.19%
Onalaska       $13.3M        $13.6M           -2.05%
Holmen           $27.7M        $26.9M            3.15%
West Salem  $10.9M        $10.7M           1.65%
Bangor           $3.79M          $3.86M         -1.89%

Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

In La Crosse County, La Crosse, Holmen and West Salem are projected to see a bump. While Onalaska and Bangor are seeing decreases.

The La Crosse school district stresses these numbers are preliminary and things can change before they're finalized in October. So what would these numbers mean for tax payers? "Because of the referendum and the new school on the north side, I expect that if we do get more state aid, so if this estimate does come to fruition, it'll probably be equalized just because we'll have some additional debt for paying off the new school," said Janet Rosseter from the La Crosse School District.

State aid is determined by a number of factors, including enrollment three weeks into the school year and property values in the city.

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