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Wisconsin DNR updating impaired water list

DNR Impaired Water List

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Wisconsin D.N.R. is taking another look at the quality of rivers and lakes across the state.

The department updated its 2014 impaired water list. The list identifies Wisconsin lakes and rivers that do not meet the state's water quality standards.

The department is proposing to add more than 190 new bodies of water to the list.

Many of the new additions either exceed the department's total phosphorus criteria or have poor water conditions.

Compared to other bodies of water in the state, most in the La Crosse area meet state standards.  "Our waters are doing quite well in our area. If you look at the impaired water list, we don't have too many on them in this area. I work in Monroe, La Crosse, Vernon and Crawford counties are not on the designated impaired water lists," said D.N.R. Stream Biologist Kurt Rasmussen.

The D.N.R. publishes a new list every two years.

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