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WISCAP honors La Crosse area women

MADISON, Wis. - Two women from the La Crosse area received awards from the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP).

Susan Fabian received the organization's 2013 Self-Sufficiency award at its annual meeting in Madison on Wednesday, May 1.

Fabian participated in Coulecap's Supportive Housing Program after leaving a domestic abuse situation. Couleecap says with the help of her case manager, she got a job, found housing, and earned her bachelor's degree.

"Couleecap's program was an answer to my prayers," Fabin said. "It was a perfect fit for somebody like me to start my life again."

Coulee's Supportive Housing Program provides two years of subsidized housing and a case manager to those who qualify. Couleecap Executive Director Grace Jones says Fabin's situation is not unique.

"The problems people are facing-especially during this tough economic times-are quite dire, but, as Susan has demonstrated, can be addressed effectively with organizations like ours. We have specific, services, dedicated staff, and proven track record to help achieve economic stability."

Couleecap's Housing and Community Services Department Director Kim Cable also won a WISCAP award. She was presented the organization's Outstanding Advocate Award for her work to help articulate "the needs and concerns of the poor or exemplary leadership advancing the causes and principals of community action and service to low-income families."

Cable has been with Couleecap for eight years and has brought new services to the La Crosse area to help combat homelessness and mental illness.

"Kim exemplifies high ethical standards, an admirable strength of character, and the courage to work persistently for justice and equal opportunity in the world," said Jones. "She has had a long career of work on behalf of people with disabilities and the homeless, and continues to provide inspiration to her colleagues through her passion for her work."

Coulecap, Inc., is a private, non-profit agency that helps low-and moderate-income families achieve self-sufficiency through a variety of programs. For more information about Couleecap's programs, visit www.couleecap.org.

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