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Wis. groundhog owner warns Bucky could be hunted

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - The owner of Wisconsin's most famous groundhog is wondering when lawmakers will slow down on establishing hunting seasons.

Gerald Hahn of Sun Prairie owns Jimmy the Groundhog, Wisconsin's answer to Punxsutawny Phil. Hahn testified in front of the Assembly's natural resources committee Wednesday against a bill that would remove groundhogs from the state's protected species list and establish a season on them.

Hahn told the committee he can't imagine hunting groundhogs. He closed his remarks by saying if the bill goes through Bucky should watch out. Bucky Badger, of course, is the University of Wisconsin-Madison's famous mascot.

Hahn said after the hearing he was trying to say lawmakers are so anxious to expand hunting in the state they might allow badger hunting next.

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