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Wis. DNR: Keep wildlife wild

Lots of animals born this time of year

Wisconsin DNR: Keep wildlife wild

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - It's baby month according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR says a lot of animals are born at this time of the year in our area ranging from baby owls, to fawns, and even a baby coyote.

The organization is getting a lot of calls from people wondering what to do with them. The DNR's advice: keep wildlife wild.

"Even if you think that they're orphaned, 90% of the time they're not orphaned, and it's one of the adaptations that animals have that they do to keep other predators away from their young," DNR Wildlife Biologist Ron Lichtie said.

So what should you do if you stumble on an animal that is hurt or seems out of place? The Coulee Region Humane Society says make sure they're hurt before calling for help.

Things like blood or broken bones are usually a good sign. In the case of a seemingly lost deer fawn, keep an eye on it for a day. If it's still in the same place and its mom hasn't come by, call the Humane Society.

However when it comes to smaller animals, you may be able to do more. For example, if an unfeathered baby bird is out of its nest, the best thing to do is get it back in the nest. But if the bird has feathers and is on the ground, that's where it should be.

"That's a stage called fledgling and that's where it should be. It'll be on the ground anywhere from 3-5 days learning to fly, and the parents still care for it on the ground," Animal Control Protection and Rescue Supervisor Kathy KasaKaitas said.

Both the Humane Society and the DNR try to get injured animals to rehab centers and back to the wild as quickly as possible.

Watch the video below for advice on what to do with some other animals:

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